Preparing For Winter Ice and Snow

Can you feel the air getting cooler? This fall the weather got a bit colder sooner than expected, but it still is time to clean up our properties. As you take the time to clean up the gardens, landscaping and the exterior of your house, what about your driveway?

Here are some tips to prepare for this winter.

Get Your Asphalt Ready For Cold With Repairs

As the weather gets colder your asphalt will change. As freezing and thawing take place, your asphalt expands and shrinks. Here are steps to take to protect it.

  • Repair potholes so water doesn’t pool and expand as it freezes.
  • Fill any cracks with a sealer and crack filler so water doesn’t get into the sub-layer.
  • Sealcoat your asphalt to protect it from the damage of salt and sand.

Clean Up The Surface

Before you can repair anything in your parking lot, driveway or any asphalt surface, you will need to clean up all the debris. If you have a large parking lot, consider hiring a sweeper machine to come and clean up the bulk of the debris.

  • Professionally clean your pavement will reveal structural issues like cracks, potholes and standing water areas.
  • Clear all debris to prevent hindering of snow removal.
  • Remove all large debris chunks so they don’t freeze to the surface of your asphalt over the winter further damaging it.

Things To Stock Over The Winter

Stock up on snow shovels, salt and sand. These areas that are closest to your building are the areas that need the most attention throughout the winter. The main entrance to your building will have significant traffic and may require more salt and sand over the winter.

The heavier you use salt and sand throughout winter potentially can damage the surface of the asphalt. Make sure you clean those areas well when it is warmer to prevent the salt from eating away at any concrete or asphalt surface.s.

Hire a professional snow removal service during the winter months. They have the expertise to clean, remove and prevent slips and falls from ice buildups.


Jeremey Zullo is the owner of Sunapee Paving, llc. He is active in the local communities and serves many businesses throughout the region. Local business and local communities are an important part of who Sunapee Paving is as a company.