How To Melt Ice Without Wrecking Your Concrete

During the winter, the harsh conditions of the weather can create problems around your home and at your business. The freezing weather conditions can cause ice and snow buildup on concrete and paved surfaces around your property.

There are numerous ways to remove ice buildups and snow, but removing them without damaging your concrete walkways, steps, etc. can be tricky.

Salt Damages Concrete

The common way that people think of is using salt on porches, walkways, steps and parking areas. This may seem like a good quick solution, but putting salt on these surfaces can cause concrete damage. Salt causes concrete to pit and eventually crack and break apart. Avoid salt on concrete surfaces.

Shoveling Is Key

One of the best and first solutions is to shovel or snowblow the snow away. Removing the snow will prevent buildup and make it a little easier to apply a melting agent to the surface.

Use Cat Litter

Yes, that is correct, I said cat litter. Cat litter makes a great base for traction. Many people will carry a bucket of cat litter in their truck for those moments when they get stuck in the snow. If you are going to use cat litter, get the one that is natural without any chemicals. You want it to be safe for children and pets around your home.


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