How To Choose The Right Asphalt Paving Contractor


We appreciate the opportunity to quote our services. It is important to understand the scope of work we propose, as well as other Contractors you may have requested estimates from.  The information listed below is provided to assist in your decision-making process.



Make sure the proposed scope of work is sufficient to meet the necessary paving, repair or maintenance procedures required for a complete construction process. A satisfactory resolution to your current pavement issues and resolution should be foremost.



Compare the units of measurement listed on each proposal. This will assist in equally evaluating price quotes relative to the specifications provided by each Contractor. Getting these right before the job starts will help extend the life cycle of your pavement.



Quality materials are essential. Each project requires specific materials for durability and long-term performance. A reputable Contractor will have a working relationship with several local suppliers making these resources available.



Set an estimated date/time for the proposed work. Verify when the Contractor can not only start but how long it will take to finish the project. Your business should not be inconvenienced more than what is required under “standards of practice” for completion.



Ask for current and past references with the job site locations. It’s doubtful you will be given a “bad” reference, however; you can visit site locations for expected levels of workmanship.  The Better Business Bureau, Chambers Of Commerce and local material suppliers may also be able to offer insight into a Company’s history.



Quotes received should be “competitive”. Very low bids often indicate specifications, materials or performance may be compromised. Be certain all costs associated with the project are stated in the proposal. The potential for “additional” costs should be specified and or discussed prior to the start of the project.

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