Five Ways To Improve Your Parking Lot

Asphalt repairs will happen to your driveway or parking lot in good time. As asphalt experts we have seen a large number of parking lot and driveway issues that needed to be fixed. Today we are going to focus on the parking lot though.

What is the first thing a customer sees?

First impressions for your customers is a big deal and if the see a drab, worn, cracked parking lot that could make them think that your store will be the same. Here are some tips to help you create the best impression for your parking lot and retain more customers.

1 Cracks Are Your Enemy

If you find a minor crack in the pavement under two inches wide, keep an eye on them. Proactively filling them is the best course of action. If the cracks are more than two inches wide bad weather will make them worse. Don’t wait to repair them, get them fixed now before the next round of bad weather. Rain and snow will make those cracks worse which will lead to repairing your whole parking lot.

2 Get Better Lighting

If you don’t have good lighting in your parking lot you can be putting your customers in danger. Predators want dark spaces to attack their victims. That is why having good lighting in all areas of your parking lot are important to make your customers feel safe while shopping.

3 Sweep Reguarly

Even if you don’t have damage to the pavement a dirty parking lot is a turn off for your customers. Sweep your parking lot regularly and/or pickup the trash. One way to keep trash at bay is to install trash cans in a few spots throughout the parking lot.

4 Plenty of Handicap Parking

Your business may be open to everyone, but some people may feel left out when there isn’t enough handicap parking close to the building. Make sure you have plenty of handicap parking close to the main entrance of your building. If you don’t have a ramp for handicap accessibility; consider installing one.

5 Seal & Repaint

Every 2-3 years you should consider sealing your parking lot. This will extend the life of the asphalt, prevent cracks from growing and improve the appearance for customers.

Once you have sealed it though, now you will need to repaint the lines. Having parking lines make your parking lot a safer place to park and leave a good impression on customers.


Jeremey Zullo is the owner of Sunapee Paving, llc. He is active in the local communities and serves many businesses throughout the region. Local business and local communities are an important part of who Sunapee Paving is as a company.