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Seal Coating Facts That Show Cost Savings For Ashpalt Paving

Avoiding Parking Lot Etiquette Problems 1

Did you know that in very little time your faded, weary asphalt pavement parking lot or driveway could be restored to almost new? Seal coating is a great way to revive your driveway or parking lot! What is sealcoating? Sealcoating is a think liquid layer added to your paved surface. This protects it from UV…

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National Asphalt Pavement Association

Avoiding Parking Lot Etiquette Problems 2

The National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) was established in 1986 as a partnership between Auburn University and the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) Research and Education Foundation to provide practical research and development to meet the needs of maintaining America’s highway infrastructure. NCAT was created to ensure this industry’s ability to provide pavements that…

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Cost-Effective Ways To Budget Asphalt Repairs

Avoiding Parking Lot Etiquette Problems 3

As a property manager, you think about this year’s budget and next year’s and wonder how you are going to pay for improvements around your property. One of those concerns is your asphalt driveway and asphalt parking lot. There are certain key points to help you plan your project and budget out for next year.…

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Asphalt Reduces Road Noise

Avoiding Parking Lot Etiquette Problems 4

We all love the modern convenience of driving in a car. What if we didn’t have them? What about the noise they make on the roads? In the United States, there are 281.3 million cars registered. That is a lot of cars on the road and that’s why road wear out quickly. The cause of…

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How To Pick The Right Paving Company

Avoiding Parking Lot Etiquette Problems 5

It can be overwhelming to try and find a good paving contractor. When you decide that it is time to pave your driveway or parking lot, here are some guidelines to help you make the right decision. Do they have local experience? At Sunapee Paving we have years of experience in providing quality paving solutions…

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Five Ways To Improve Your Parking Lot

Avoiding Parking Lot Etiquette Problems 6

Asphalt repairs will happen to your driveway or parking lot in good time. As asphalt experts we have seen a large number of parking lot and driveway issues that needed to be fixed. Today we are going to focus on the parking lot though. What is the first thing a customer sees? First impressions for…

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Pavement

Avoiding Parking Lot Etiquette Problems 7

At Sunapee Paving we are proud to provide quality solutions for parking lots, driveways, walkways to a wide variety of clients. Here are a few fun facts about asphalt. Asphalt occurs in lakes naturally Many people don’t know that asphalt naturally occurs in lakes. The largest natural deposit in the world in Pitch Lake in…

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How To Melt Ice Without Wrecking Your Concrete

Avoiding Parking Lot Etiquette Problems 8

During the winter, the harsh conditions of the weather can create problems around your home and at your business. The freezing weather conditions can cause ice and snow buildup on concrete and paved surfaces around your property. There are numerous ways to remove ice buildups and snow, but removing them without damaging your concrete walkways,…

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How To Care For Your Driveway This Winter

Avoiding Parking Lot Etiquette Problems 9

During the winter your driveway is exposed to snow, ice, freezing rain, salt and sand. It can and will take a toll on the pavement or concrete in your driveway. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to help minimize the damage and keep everyone safe from slipping. 1 Clear Snow Immediately It’s a…

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Avoiding Parking Lot Etiquette Problems

Avoiding Parking Lot Etiquette Problems 11

As a local paving company, we spend a good deal of time in parking lots of all sizes. One of the big problems we see is these spaces is parking lot etiquette. There is always one driver speeding through the parking lot or the drive that takes up two parking spaces or parking to close…

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